We can assist you in the following areas:

Colt Legal Assist

Not all matters require us to take full control. Sometimes it is suitable for us to act in a limited way and give DIY guidance to you.

We understand that costs are often a big consideration for clients needing legal assistance. Many clients often tell us that they want to do most of the legwork themselves and require only ad hoc advice.

We offer an hourly rate service in suitable cases where we:

  • Act as your ‘in house’ lawyer for specific meetings or issues or even manage your relationship with other lawyers who are providing services to you
  • Give you DIY guidance to help you handle your matter on your own. This is often necessary in some courts where lawyers have no automatic right of appearance.
  • Advise on:
    • Provisions of contracts + agreements
    • Executors duties
    • Interpretation of will provisions
    • Applying for probate + assisting with probate requisitions
    • Simple conveyancing + Landgate forms
    • Minor case + consumer claims
    • State Administrative Tribunal hearings
    • Family law questions for self represented persons
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